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Swollen ankles are one of the most common miseries of pregnancy. Fortunately, kinesiology taping can provide a safe, simple and convenient remedy for this, as well as many other miseries of pregnancy. This is the second in a series of posts covering the use of kinesiology tape for the discomforts of pregnancy.

The kinesio taping technique used for swelling and edema is called lymphatic taping. It involves applying the anchor end of the tape close to the lymphatic drainage ducts, with “fingers” of tape extending along the nearby lymphatic channels. The tape is applied with a light stretch, lifting the skin just enough to relieve pressure on the lymphatic vessels, allowing them to drain excess fluid more efficiently.

The makers of RockTape Kinesiology Tape have provided a series of simple taping instructions for common pregnancy complaints. The following illustration shows the lymphatic taping technique to use with ankle edema.


kinesiology-tape-fan-stripHow to Cut a Fan Strip

To cut a fan strip for a lymphatic taping, take a strip of kinesiology tape and make several longitudinal cuts beginning at one end and finishing 3-4″ from the other end (the anchor end). For ankle edema, the anchor end is applied above the ankle and the “fingers” are spread out directly over the swollen area. If necessary, multiple fan strips can be cut and applied crossing over each other.

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andy-murray-knee-tapeAndy Murray, Britain’s greatest hope for winning a grand slam, wore kinesiology tape on his right knee during his matches at this year’s Queen’s Cup tournament. Sporting both blue and black kinesiology taping applications, he replied that it was “just a precaution,” when asked about it.

The configuration he wore included a strip wrapped around the underside of the patella, with another extend part way up the middle of his quadriceps. This is a typical taping for generalized knee pain, such as that from patellar tendonitis.

Kinesiology taping is an ideal treatment for performance athletes who deal with overuse injuries on a continual basis. Lightweight and flexible, the tape can be worn for days at a time, even during intense exercise, showering or swimming.

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