A Simple Way to Tape Plantar Fasciitis

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Plantar Fasciitis is one of those conditions that is not life-threatening, but can make you feel so miserable that it sometimes seems that it’s taken over your life. Marked by pain in the arch of the foot and the bottom of the heel, plantar fascitis reminds its victims of its presence with every step they take. Once it’s taken hold, it’s very difficult to get rid of, and many people suffer for years, trying a litany of orthotics, special shoes, liniments and other fruitless remedies.

Kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy therapeutic tape that is particularly effective for relieving muscular pain,┬áspasms and inflammation. Once applied, most kinesiology tape applications can be worn up to 5 days, providing therapeutic benefits 24/7 the entire time it’s worn. It has been used to effectively treat plantar fasciitis, as well as other causes of foot and ankle pain.

This is part of a series of posts presenting very simple, yet effective, kinesio taping techniques that virtually anyone can master. They were developed by the makers of RockTape, a new brand of kinesiology tape that has been engineered to enhance athletic performance in addition to providing therapeutic benefits.

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