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rocktape_red_logoRockTape Active Recovery Tape is an exciting new sports tape–an upgraded version of kinesiology tape designed to enhance athletic performance. Yes, it still has all the therapeutic benefits of traditional kinesiology tape—relief of pain, reduction of inflammation, and support for injured tissues—but for RockTape, these are just a jumping-off point.

Highly-trained triathletes, distance runners and competitive cyclists who have worn RockTape have experienced greater endurance during training and competition, followed by a more rapid recovery. Whereas other kinesiology tapes are primarily used by injured athletes, the benefits of RockTape are equally impressive for healthy athletes. This makes RockTape the first true performance tape.

What Makes RockTape Different?

rock_tape_cyclistSeveral key modifications have been made to the composition of the tape that are directly responsible for the performance-enhancing benefits that many RockTape converts have experienced.

1. Greater Elasticity

2. Enhanced Lifting Ability

3. Tighter Weave

4. Greater “Snap Back”

5. Patented Adhesive Pattern
Each of these enhancements is beneficial on its own, but combined, they become a safe, simple, legal method of enhancing athletic performance. Rock on!

My next post will examine each of these features in greater detail.

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