How To Cut Kinesio Tape: 3) The “X” Strip

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Part 3 – The “X” Strip

kinesio_x_stripThis is the third in a series of posts examining the different cuts that can be used to create effective kinesiology taping applications. These instructions are for those working with rolls of kinesiology tape, such as Kinesio Tex Tape or SpiderTape.

An “X” strip is a piece of kinesiology tape with longitudinal cuts extending in from both ends toward a solid center section. When the tails on each end are separated and applied to the skin, the taping resembles an “X.”

This taping configuration is often used on muscles that cross two joints. The origin and insertion of these muscles change according to the movement pattern of the joint, i.e., the Rhomboid.

kt_cut_XHow to Cut an “X” Strip
Place the muscle to be taped in a position of maximal stretch. Measure the length of tape required to cover the entire muscle. Cut a length of Kinesio Tape slightly longer than the muscle, then cut down the middle of the tape from each end toward the center, leaving the center portion intact. The length of the cut ends in an unstretched state should be approximately the same length as the center portion when stretched. Round the corners of all cut edges to prevent curling and fraying.

How to Apply an “X” Strip
Tear the backing of the tape across the solid center area and remove the backing to where the tape splits. Stretch the center portion of the tape and apply it directly over the muscle belly. Rub the tape to activate the adhesive. One at a time, remove the backing from the tails and apply them, with no stretch, around the outer boundaries of the muscle.

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