How to Cut Kinesio Tape: 4) The Fan Strip

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Part 4 – The Fan Strip

kinesio_fan_stripA fan taping is done with a strip of kinesiology tape that is solid at one end and has 3-4 parallel, longitudinal cuts in the other end, creating 4-6 narrow strips. These instructions are for those working with rolls of kinesiology tape, such as SpiderTape or Kinesio Tex Tape.

What is a Fan Strip Used For?
Fan strips are used in lymphatic tapings to reduce swelling and edema. The goal of lymphatic SpiderTech tape is to create an area of decreased pressure under the tape that allows lymphatic fluid to drain away through nearby lymph ducts. In many situations, more than one fan strip will be used, with the tails overlapping from different directions.

kt_cut_fanHow to Cut a Fan Strip
Place the muscle to be taped in a position of maximal stretch. Measure the length of tape required to cover the entire muscle. Cut a length of kinesiology tape slightly longer than the muscle, then make the desired number of longitudinal cuts, beginning at one end and finishing approximately 1” from the other end. Round the corners of all cut edges to prevent curling and fraying.

How to Apply a Fan Strip
Remove the backing from the base of the tape, and apply it. with no stretch, slightly above the lymph node to which the fluid is to be directed. Rub briskly to activate the adhesive. Move the muscle into a stretched position for application of the tails of the tape. Begin peeling the backing from one of the outer strips, applying it with a very light stretch along the outer edge of the edema or swelling. Apply the next strip parallel to the outer strip. Once the first half of the taping is completed, repeat the process with the other half, laying the tape along the opposite border of the swollen area.

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