Introducing Performance Kinesiology Tape!

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A New Approach to Kinesiology Taping

rt_cyclist_2In the last year and a half, kinesiology taping has become one of the favorite therapeutic modalities for athletic trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors and pain management specialists. Its ability to rapidly relieve pain and reduce inflammation has made it especially popular as an athletic tape for injured athletes.  Recently, an exciting new application for kinesiology tape has been introduced to the athletic community – taping for PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT.

Introducing RockTape

A new brand of kinesiology tape called RockTape has been engineered with the specific goal of enhancing athletic performance. The unique properties of the tape, combined with an innovative taping method called PowerTaping, allow it to delay the onset of fatigue and improve muscle activation during athletic activities.

Already a favorite with high level triathletes and competitive cyclists, watch for RockTape to begin appearing in upcoming marathons, cycling events and Ironman events.

rocktape_colors_verticalRockTape Combines Function with Fashion!

And, don’t worry, you’ll know it when you see it, because RockTape is also rapidly becoming a fashion trend setter in the athletic tape industry. In addition to coming in the traditional kinesiology tape colors of black, blue, pink and beige, RockTape is available in patterns such as biohazard, the RockTape logo and a black and white cow motif. A wider assortment of colors includes green, navy and new “IM” tape in white and yellow, designed to be written on. The IM tape is being used to write competitor numbers and race information in triathlons, as well as messages of encouragement from friends and family.

Watch for upcoming posts with additional details about what  makes RockTape different and how it works to enhance athletic performance.

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