Killer Spiders on the Beach!

posted by Tape Expert

st_nicole_branaghSpiders took over at several beach volleyball events this summer … SpiderTech Spiders, that is! SpiderTech is the name of a new type of pre-cut kinesiology tape that is currently taking the athletic world by storm. Already configured for specific parts of the body, a SpiderTech precut kinesiology tape application can go from sports bag to body in a matter of minutes. The result? Rapid relief of pain, swelling and inflammation, plus enhanced activation of injured or fatigued muscles. Decreased pain and increased funtion … sounds like a winning combination for any athlete!

This image shows top AVP player, Nicole Branagh, wearing a SpiderTech Shoulder Spider as she wins the AVP Crocs Manhattan Beach Open with partner, Elaine Youngs in July.

Kinesiology taping is an especially valuable tool for competitive athletes because it provides protection and support for injured muscles without restricting range of motion. This allows many injured athletes to continue to train and compete effectively as they recover from injuries.

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