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st_application_shoulderIn 2009, kinesiology tape leaped from the offices of a few forward thinking chiropractors and athletic trainers into the sports bags and first aid kits of people across the nation. Once the domain of trained clinicians, kinesiology taping is now being done in schools, homes and on the sidelines of virtually every level of every sport in existence.

This has created a new need for kinesiology taping education. Most individuals aren’t willing to spend the hundreds of dollars and several weekends it takes to become officially certified in kinesiology taping techniques. On the other hand, without at least a basic knowledge of the principles of kinesiology taping, it is difficult to apply the tape effectively. There are several ways to learn how to apply kinesiology tape – instruction manuals, instructional DVDs, and online videos. This is the first in a series of posts that will provide an overview of the various manuals and DVDs that are available.

We’ll start with pre-cut kinesiology tape, since it is the simplest to apply and requires the least amount of medical knowledge and taping expertise. Currently, SpiderTech Tape is the only supplier of kinesiology taping applications that are already pre-cut for different parts of the body. While using precut applications significantly reduces the skill needed to apply the tape, there is still a learning curve to becoming proficient.

SpiderTech Product Application Instruction Guide

st_application_manualThis manual contains step-by-step instructions for all 16 SpiderTech PreCut Kinesiology Tape applications. Each set of instructions includes photographs showing proper body positioning and product placement. The instructions are written in simple terms, requiring no technical background to understand. Also included is a brief explanation of the physiological mechanisms behind the SpiderTech products, as well as the 12 Principles for Application. Applications covered include Ankle, Calf and Arch, Elbow, Full Knee, Groin, Hamstring, Hip, Lower Back, Lymphatic (Small, Medium and Large), Neck, Shoulder, Upper Back/Postural, Upper Knee and Wrist.
Softcover, 8’12” x 11″, 28 pages, $12.99.

SpiderTech Application Videos


SpiderTech has produced an excellent series of short videos in which Dr. Kevin Jardine, the creator of SpiderTech Tape, demonstrates how to apply each of the 16 different SpiderTech Pre-Cut Kinesiology Tape applications. As he applies the tape, he explains exactly where to place it and how to apply each segment. There is also a general Application Tips video, in which Dr. Jardine discusses tips for properly applying kinesiology tape, including skin preparation, tape and water, setting the adhesive, and basic application techniques. 
Watch these videos at www.theratape.com.
Watch these videos on YouTube.

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