The “Big 4” Therapeutic Benefits of Kinesiology Taping

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st_body_collage_450pxAnyone who has used kinesisology tape knows that it has features that make it completely unique in the field of therapeutic taping. When compared to traditional athletic tape, kinesiology tape is much thinner, much stretchier, much lighter … and it comes in 4 ‘designer’ colors! Aesthetics aside, however, what is it that makes kinesiology tape so special?

I was fortunate enough to recently spend time with the Director of Training for Nucap Medical, the company that makes SpiderTape (kinesiology tape by the roll) and SpiderTech Pre-Cut kinesiology tape applications. I learned that kinesiology taping can be used to create 4 unique therapeutic effects on the body. This is the first of a series of 4 postings examining the therapeutic benefits of kinesiology taping. Today’s posting will provide a brief overview of the 4 areas, followed by a more detailed posting for each one individually.

Here’s a quick and dirty overview of the 4 main therapeutic benefits associated with kinesiology taping.

1. Psychological Benefits of Kinesiology Taping
Often casually dismissed as “just a placebo effect,” psychological benefits are a very real and very valid aspect of both healing and performance. Extensive experience with injured athletes has demonstrated that kinesiology taping provides an enhanced perception of stability and support, which leads to a decreased fear of activity. This psychological boost, combined with the physical benefits of taping (see below) allows many injured athletes to continue to train and/or compete as they recover from various injuries.

2. Microcirculatory Benefits of Kinesiology Taping
The microcirculatory taping technique involves stretching both the tape and the injured muscle as the kinesiology tape is applied. This technique produces dramatic reductions in swelling and inflammation. Additionally, it enhances blood flow to the injured area, creating additional benefits. Look for my next posting which will discuss the microcirculatory benefits of kinesiology taping in detail.

3. Structural Benefits of Kinesiology Taping
Structural kinesiology taping applications support injured muscles or joints in both static and dynamic postures. This taping technique involves stretching only the tape (not the muscle) and provides support at the same time as it allows the muscle or joint to continue to move through a safe, healthy range of motion.

4. Neurosensory Benefits of Kinesiology Taping
Neurosensory applications are designed to provide pain relief. In these situations, the muscle is stretched during application, rather than the tape. Pain relief is usually immediate and ongoing, continuing as long as the tape is left on the injured area.

My next three blog posts will examine microcirculatory applications, structural applications and neurosensory applications in greater detail.

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