What is Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Made From?

posted by Tape Expert

Therapeutic TapeKinesiology tape is made from high quality cotton backed with a medical grade acrylic adhesive. There is no latex and the tape is not medicated, making it hypo-allergenic for most skin types.

The fibers are woven to allow a longitudinal stretch, 30-40% beyond its resting length. The tape is applied to the paper backing with a 15% stretch, which will be maintained if the tape is applied to the skin as the backing is removed.

The latex adhesive is heat-activated. Briskly rubbing each section of the tape from the center toward the ends will prolong the “sticking power” of each application.

The wave pattern on the tape’s adhesive backing allows moisture to move through and evaporate quickly. This allows the tape to be worn while sweating, swimming or showering, without coming off.  Simply pat gently with a towel and it will be dry in 15-20 minutes.

All of these features ensure that kinesiology tape is the most effective therapeutic tape in the world today. Its benefits extend well beyond the traction and support provided by traditional forms of athletic tape. Because it is typically worn for up to 5 days, a kinesiology tape application can be compared to a 5-day therapy session!

kinesiology tape
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