What is KT Tape Pro?

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KT Tape Pro

KT Tape Pro is the world’s first synthetic microfiber kinesiology tape. Until the introduction of Pro by the KT Tape company, all kinesiology tape had been made from cotton fibers backed with an acrylic adhesive. Although comfortable to wear and extremely effective, cotton tape has a tendency to fray along cut edges and can develop an unpleasant odor with profuse sweating and prolonged wear time.

What makes KT Tape Pro different from cotton kinesiology tape?

  • it’s waterproof and dries much faster after exercising, swimming or showering
  • when applied, its patented Second Skin adhesive makes it feel like part of your body
  • it is designed to last through the wettest, toughest conditions you can throw at it
  • the extra-strong synthetic microfibers provide more support for injured muscles and joints
  • it has a reflective pattern for better visibility in low light conditions
  • the sheen of the synthetic fibers produces the brightest, boldest colors ever

When to Use Synthetic vs Cotton

Synthetic vs Cotton KT Tape

KT Tape Pro is available in 16′ rolls of 10″ precut strips and 125′ uncut jumbo rolls. KT Tape Pro Precut Strips are available in stealth beige, jet black, laser blue, winner green, blaze orange, epic pink, hero pink and solar yellow. Bulk rolls of Synthetic KT Tape only come in beige and black.

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