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The SpiderTech Tape company has created a comprehensive line of precut kinesiology tape applications for different parts of the body. Each application comes individually packaged with illustrated step-by-step instructions. These products provide a convenient and inexpensive way for non-health professionals to apply kinesiology tape effectively. This is the first in a series of blogs describing the different SpiderTech applications, their uses and how to apply them.

SpiderTech Groin Spider Benefits

st_groin_spider_icons♦ Relieves pain and swelling from groin pulls or tears
♦ Speeds recovery in overused muscles
♦ Provides protection as groin injuries heal
♦ Improves strength of injured groin muscles
♦ Provides support without restricting range of motion
♦ Prevents or relieves cramps, spasms or stiffness


Application Instructions for Pre-Cut Groin Kinesiology Tape

st_groin_instructionsBegin by tearing all of the perforations on the backing of the tape. Clean the skin with soap and water or rubbing alcohol before applying tape.

1. Subject should be lying on back with leg relaxed. Remove half of the backing from section 1 and apply as high as possible over the groin area. Repeat with the other half of section 1. Gently rub the tape to activate the adhesive.

2. Place the groin muscles in a stretched position by abducting the leg. Remove the backing from the top arm of section 2 and apply  along the upper boundary of the groin (adductor) muscles. It is not necessary to stretch the tape as it is applied.

3. With the groin muscles still stretched, remove the paper backing from the middle arm of section 2 and apply the tape directly over the center of the injured groin area. Rub each section of tape immediately after applying to activate the glue.

4. Remove the backing from the final arm of section 2 and apply it along the lower boundary of the groin muscles with no additional stretch in the tape. Patient can now relax the leg and move freely. Avoid exercise or bathing for one hour after applying the precut kinesio tape to allow the adhesive to fully set.

How to Apply Kinesiology Tape.

My next post will include the application video for the SpiderTech Groin SpiderTape.

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Therapists trained in the art and science of kinesiology taping are able to create complex applications for a wide variety of injuries and health conditions. For complicated injuries or medical conditions, this level of expertise may be required, but for everyday aches and pains no special training is necessary. Most people, armed with a roll of kinesiology tape and some basic instructions, can create an application that will effectively relieve pain and reduce swelling.

This part of a series of posts presenting very simple, yet effective, taping techniques that virtually anyone can master. They were developed by the makers of RockTape, a new brand of kinesiology tape that has been engineered to enhance athletic performance in addition to providing therapeutic benefits.

How to Tape the Groin

How to Tape a Strained Groin

Basic Application Techniques

Basic Kinesiology Taping Techniques

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