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NeuroStructural Kinesiology Taping DVD Five years ago, only a few enlightened therapists were offering kinesiology taping in their practices. Since then, the use of kinesiology taping has exploded and is now a mainstream modality in medical offices, hospitals, physical therapy clinics, chiropractic practices, schools, and even the military. One of the challenges for health care practitioners new to kinesiology taping is where to learn the principles and application techniques. All of the kinesiology tape manufacturers offer hands-on certification programs, usually conducted over one or two weekends, but many busy clinicians don’t have the time or budget to travel to attend these events. Fortunately, there are now some excellent DVDs available that cover both the theory and practice of kinesiology taping. The newest of these offerings is called Neuro-Structural Taping Technique, or NSTT for short.

The NSTT training program consists of over 5 hours of training on 2 DVD’s. The training begins with an overview of the science and mechanisms behind kinesiology taping, followed by an explanation of the different types of applications and general application principles. The balance of the program is devoted to demonstrations of taping techniques, segmented by body part. Advanced medical terminology is used throughout this DVD set and it is not recommended for those without medical or allied health backgrounds.

The presenter is Dr. Kevin Jardine, creator of the SpiderTech line of precut kinesiology tape. A majority of the taping techniques are demonstrated using the precut SpiderTech applications, but it is not difficult to extrapolate the principles to working with rolls of uncut tape.

The NeuroStructural Kinesiology Taping DVD includes:

  • 5 hours of training
  • Step by step instructions for 55 different taping protocols
  • 19 upper extremity applications
  • 17 applications for spine and torso
  • 19 lower extremity taping protocols
  • Kinesiology taping mechanisms explained
  • Major application types
  • Application tips, including skin preparation and tape handling

The NeuroStructural Taping DVD set is available at, a website specializing in kinesiology tape and taping supplies. Theratape also offers a Health Professional’s Resource Center with a wide variety of kinesiology taping information for clinicians, as well as a Professional Discount Program for licensed health care professionals and educational institutions.

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